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Volunteering at South Bay Elementary

South Bay PTA is proud to offer nearly 30 programs to our students each year. These programs would not be possible without the dedication of our volunteers!  Will YOU help us support the programs our students and families love? 

Our volunteer force is a diversified group of people who serve as mentors, tutors and role models,and share with our students and staff the skills they have acquired through their education and life experiences. The benefits that our students receive from these generous people are immeasurable.

Anyone wanting to volunteer in the classroom, PTA activities or field trips must have a valid volunteer application completed every two years, which includes a national background check.  All volunteers will need to show proof of COVID19 vaccination.

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To fill out an volunteer application:

 Online Volunteer Application

For more information about volunteering at South Bay Elementary, email Tristan Hay at

THANK YOU to all of our amazing volunteers!