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    About the PTA


We are dedicated to making the 2021-22 school year memborable and enriching.


This year the South Bay PTA's goals are to: Support our student's academic achievement, encourage and assist open communication between families, teachers, and staff.  Provide fun, social ways for our students and community to connect. Build a thriving, caring school community where parents and families feel welcome and are provided with an opportunity to become involved with their child's educational experience. 


Our team works together with K-5 parents, teachers, administrators, and community members to provide an exceptional educational experience and learning environment in order to help our students succeed.  


Please do not hesistate to contact board members with questions, suggestions, or for volunteer opportunities!

South Bay PTA President: Rachael Cook



South Bay PTA Vice President: Kristin Schafer



South Bay PTA Secretary: Laura Vandersnick



South Bay PTA Treasurer: Daeveene May (co-treasurer Kristin Schafer)



South Bay PTA Equity and Projects: Tristin Hay



South Bay PTA Membership/Media/Military: Cassi Radloff