Frequently Asked Questions

What is the school auction and why do we have one this year?

The South Bay PTA organizes a school auction every year to help raise funds for programs and school-wide events benefiting students, teachers, staff, and families. Our school auction is both a fundraiser – in which attendees bid to win items/experiences - and a community-building event. There will be a silent auction and live auction, as well as a raffle. A live auction adds an exciting component to the event! Attending the auction also provides an opportunity for parents and other school community members to meet and mingle in a non-school, relaxed setting.  The dress code for the evening is casual attire. 

How do I purchase tickets?  

Tickets are available for purchase online this year!  Tickets can also be purchased by printing out this form and sending it to school with your student.  Raffle tickets must be purchased through the paper form or at the event, they cannot be sold online. 

How do I get my tickets?

A printed or digital ticket is not necessary to enter the event.  After you purchase tickets, your name will be added to our reservations list.  We will have a packet with your catalog and bid paddle ready for you when you check in the night of the auction.

What is included with ticket purchase?

Ticket purchase includes entrance to the event, a appetizers provided by Bon Appetit, non alcoholic drinks, and dessert.  A no host bar will be offered by South Bay BBQ.  

How do I make sure I can sit with specific people?

You can purchase a table to ensure that you sit with certain people. A table seats 8 and is $200.00 per table.  Or, email us at with your seating requests and we will do our best to accommodate. 

What food is available at the auction?

Menu TBD Iced tea and water. Coffee and hot tea plus our dessert dash! 

I have dietary considerations. Can I choose my foods?

If you have dietary considerations, please contact us at and we will try to accommodate you.

How do I bid on items/experiences?

Upon check-in at the door, you will be given a packet including your auction catalog, a bid paddle, and a bid number. During the silent auction, you will use your bid number to bid on items.  During the live auction, you will raise your paddle to bid on an item or participate in an event/experience. 

Can I see what items are available before the night of the auction?

Yes, you can see auction items on the Auction Items page. The list of items is updated weekly.  We will be continuing to add new and exciting offerings each week!  Items start as low as $10.00.  

What are teacher experiences?

Some teachers or staff have donated their time to spend with a specific number of children for a donation. These experiences are can be won by the highest bidder. Teacher and staff experiences are open to a specific number of students, specific grades, on- or off-campus, etc. Each experience differs and you will need to check them out. This was not required and we are very appreciative of those who have volunteered!

What is the Dessert Dash?

There will be an elaborate dessert table, with desserts donated by our attendees, and a ‘Dessert Dash’ sheet on each table. The members of each table contribute to the ‘Dessert Dash’ by writing their number on the sheet indicating the amount they would like to donate. After the sheets are collected, tables are ranked in order depending on the total of their table donation. The ranking dictates your table’s order in choosing a dessert from the dessert table. It is a ‘dash’ because each table nominates a ‘runner’ to dash to the dessert table to choose a dessert when your table number is called. It is a lot of fun!

How do I pay for the items I ‘win’? What else will I need to pay for at the auction?

At the end of the evening, or when you are ready to leave, you will ‘check out’ with our check-out volunteers. You will then receive your items or a certificate for the experience you purchased. During the evening, you may also want to purchase beverages at the no host bar.  

The event is adults only, will childcare be available?

South Bay PTA will be not be providing childcare. Some families choose to team up and split the cost of child care.  

Where is the auction located?  
St. Marcus Pavillion, located at 5300 Pacific Ave SE, Lacey, WA 98503

Who do I contact if I want to volunteer or need more information?  

Co-chairs Mary McHale and Amanda Rich would be happy to answer your questions!  Please email



5300 Pacific Ave SE
Lacey, WA 98503   

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